Bukittinggi (IndonesianKota BukittinggiMinangkabauBukiktinggiJawiبوكيق تيڠڬي), is the third largest city in West SumatraIndonesia, with a population of over 124,000 people and an area of 25.24 km².[3] It is in the Minangkabau Highlands, 90 km by road from the West Sumatran capital city of Padang. The whole area is directly adjacent to the Agam Regency, and is located at 0°18′20″S 100°22′9″E, near the volcanoes Mount Singgalang (inactive) and Mount Marapi (still active). At 930 m above sea level, the city has a cool climate with temperatures between 16.1° to 24.9°C.

Bukittinggi was formerly known as Fort de Kock and was once dubbed “Parijs van Sumatera”. The city was the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI). Before it became the capital of PDRI, the city was a centre of government, both at the time of the Dutch East Indies and during the Japanese colonial period.

Bukittinggi is also known as a leading tourist city in West Sumatra. It is sister cities with Seremban in Negeri SembilanMalaysia. The Jam Gadang, a clock tower located in the heart of the city, is a symbol for the city and a well-visited tourist spot.

The city is the birthplace of Mohammad Hatta, Indonesian co-proclamator and Assaat, then Indonesian (acting) president. Koto Gadang village in the southwest of city produces an abundance of statesmen, ministers, doctors, economist, artist and scholars who make great contribution to Indonesia, namely Sutan SjahrirAgus SalimBahder DjohanRohana KudusEmil SalimDr. Syahrir, etc.

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bukittinggi

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